Interactivation Acquires Med School Tutors

NEW YORK, NY- March 9, 2019 – Interactivation, a holding company owned by entrepreneurs Joe Covey and Matthew Davidge, today announced that it has acquired Med School Tutors, the leading medical school tutoring company that helps aspiring physicians succeed in medical school, on their standardized exams, and beyond.

Founded in 2006, Med School Tutors has tutored thousands of students for the USMLE, COMLEX, Shelf Exams, and medical coursework. The company also offers admissions and residency advisement, in addition to consulting services for medical schools.

“Our success is a testament to the power of putting people first in medical education.  I am honored to hand over the reins to Joe and Matthew.  I believe they will provide the resources and expertise to help many more med students and doctors excel and thrive on the arduous yet noble path to becoming physicians,” said Robert Meekins, Med School Tutors Co-founder.

“Med School Tutors has done so much to improve physician education and therefore the quality of health care throughout the United States,” said Joe Covey.  “Robert Meekins has built a terrific company with a highly successful team.  I see great growth ahead, for our students, tutors, and on an institutional level.”

This is the sixth acquisition since 2008 for Joe Covey and Matthew Davidge.  Prior acquisitions include The Wellness Network patient education TV networks and the Mag Rack educational cable TV network.

Med School Tutors is located in New York City with more than 150 tutors nationwide.  Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

About Med School Tutors

Med School Tutors is the leading medical school tutoring company offering one-to-one online tutoring for the USMLE, COMLEX, Shelf Exams, Medical Coursework and Admissions and Residency Advisement, as well as consulting services for medical schools. Established in 2006, Med School Tutors was founded with a singular purpose: to revolutionize the way aspiring physicians prepare for standardized tests.

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