Interactivation is a holding company owned by Joe Covey and Matthew Davidge. Our focus is on acquiring and operating education, media and healthcare companies.

We buy companies with revenues between $5 – $25 million.  We don’t acquire start-ups or companies that are not profitable. We prefer B2B and don’t acquire 100% ad-supported companies.  We particularly like small “orphan business units” that are sold from large companies.  Since 2008, we have acquired six businesses and sold five. These include:

* Med School Tutors is the leading medical school tutoring company that helps aspiring physicians succeed in medical school, on their standardized exams, and beyond.  It was acquired in March 2019. Med School Tutors was sold in October 2021 to Blueprint Test Prep.

* The Mag Rack video-on-demand educational television network, which is available in over 38 million US homes from most major cable and satellite TV operators. Mag Rack was acquired in 2008 from Cablevision (now known as Altice). Mag Rack was sold in June 2017 to Grace Creek Media.

* The Wellness Network, which is the largest and most comprehensive hospital education TV network with over 2,300 hospital relationships. It was acquired from NBC in 2010 and was sold to private equity fund WAFRA Partners in 2015.  It is now owned by WebMD.

* Logicare, a leading hospital patient education software company, was acquired in 2013 and sold as part of The Wellness Network sale to private equity fund WAFRA Partners in 2015.

* Concert TV, which is a music performance video-on-demand television network available in over 30 million US homes from most major cable and satellite TV operators. It was acquired in 2009 and was sold to Stingray Music in 2010.

* HealthStyle Press, which creates and sells printed health education guides. It was acquired in 2012 from its founder. Guide topics include asthma, diabetes, pregnancy, and senior health.